This Virus Comes from a Socialist Hell hole

Given that China lied to the world about the Coronavirus. Given they destroyed samples of the virus to hide it. Given they killed doctors who tried to sound the alarm. Given that Axios is citing a study that if China had come clean just three weeks earliar about Covid19, 95% of the deaths could have been prevented and the pandemic would not have happened. China has cost the world its health, trillions upon trillions of dollars of wealth and our freedom.

The world should exact a steep price on the filthy communist government for their lies and the destruction they have visited upon humanity.

The filthy Communist Goverment of China is lead be the tyrant Winnie the Pooh Xi Jinping,  has attacked our culture and destroyed our way of life. With this virus the Chinese government have managed to do to the whole world what they have been doing to Tibet for decades. The Chinese governemnt has used this Chinese virus to crack down in Tibet. Online communications in two Townships have been searched with 75 chat groups shut down.​ More here. Also in Tibet, Former political prisoner Tashi Phuntsok has died this week aged 60, in Lithang county, eastern Tibet. His health problems stemmed from beatings he received in prison by Chinese authorities. More here. The Chinese governement is Treating water pollution in Tibet when it was China’s policies that polluted Tibet’s rivers and lakes in the first place in much the same way China is giving Italy masks and ventilators after causing the crisis in the first place. More here.

Amnesty International reports that in 2019 the human rights situation continued to be marked by a systematic crackdown on dissent.  The justice system remained plagued by unfair trials and torture and other ill-treatment in detention. China still classified information on its extensive use of the death penalty as a state secret. So as we don’t know how many have been killed in China by this virus we don’t know how many people the governemnt lead by Winnie the Pooh Xi Jinping has murdered. They don’t want us to know, hence the Chinese governement expelled US journalists. More here.

The way The Cbhinese government stiffles freedom of information and freedom of expression is so extreme they have banned Winnie the Pooh from China. This has been done to restrict clever bloggers from getting around their country’s censorship. This is because being true socialists, the Chinese government has no sense of humour.

Here the BBC reports,

The previous Chinese Leader Hu Jintao had a catchphrase of “promoting a harmonious society” or, in Chinese, hexie 和谐.

Bloggers started to refer to being censored as having been “harmonised” – bei hexie le 被和谐了 – but, by changing the tones in Chinese or changing the characters, you can fudge the meaning. So another hexie is river crab 河蟹。In other words, when you see an image of a river crab on the internet in China, it is likely to be a reference to something having been censored.

Naturally being a blogger and a believer in Article 19, I was intent on offending the President of China.

Below is a picture of a Chinese officer who appeared on TV every morning to give the daily “Socialism is wonderful” programme. When all one had to do is step outside and see how impoverished, soulless and grey everything is from this “Disneyland utopia” she lectured about.

Propaganda TV

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