Sunday Ramblings

There is a pothole appearing around a manhole cover in Knoddishall Common between Mill Lane and School Lane and also, as many of you are aware it wasn’t that long ago that Woods Lane in Melton was closed to install sewage, electric etc. to the new housing development and the whole thing was resurfaced. What kind of job did they do? Well as there is a pothole half way up it that has been there for a couple of months now and is getting progressively larger, now approximately 2 to 3 feet long and about a foot wide, the building company obviously did a lousy job. Of course, now is a good time to do road repairs due to the lack of traffic.

What has been happening politically over the last week? Well, the Lib Dems after having months to sit around a table and spin a bottle to pick their next leader because whoever it is won’t make any difference to anybody even if the next Lib Dem leader eats an undercooked bat or something, have now postponed their leadership election until May 2021. Why have they done this? They haven’t done this because of Covid19, but because making decisions isn’t something Lib Dems do.

The main thing the Lib Dems are concerned about according to their latest internal party Email is EU nationals living in Locked Down Britian. No, I’m not making it up. East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger naturally gets hold of such inteligence. I guess as KBO is the order of the day they have just kept buggering on.

In US and Europe about 120,000 people die in road accidents each year and hundreds of thousands more get injured. A three month lockdown will save around 30,000 lives by default.

Also area’s of Suffolk that had dangerously high levels of Nitrogen Dioxide like the bend in Stratford Saint Andrew, the lights in Melton, the area around Barrack Corner in Ipswich and the area around the UCS building now all have acceptable levels of Nitrogen Dioxide. Natuarally Carbon Dioxide has dramatically come down too, so we are well and truely on target to become carbon neutral by 2050.

This week Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and Angela Raynor have all tested Covid19 Positive. A Riverside View wishes them all a speedy recovery. Also this week the magic Grandpa, the plastic messiah, Jeremy Corbyn has yet again tested PM Negative. Jeremy’s last PMQ’s has already been forgotten .

Jeremy Corbyn has actually said that Boris is doing what he would have done with or without the virus.

Boris is borrowing money to get us out of a crisis. Corbyn would have borrowed money to put us in one.

Northamptonshire Police has been inundated with calls from the public grassing up their neighbours for going jogging or dog walking twice a day.`

I think it is absolutely right to grass up neighbours who go out while showing symptoms of that bloody thing.

Also, police were stopping cyclists round Bungay this last week telling them it’s a short ride not a 10 mile ride. But to some of us anything under 10 miles isn’t actually a ride. When this is over I intend to celebrate with a Ton. From what we have heard, Suffolk Constabulary are channelling their inner Stasi and Norfolk Constabulary have been laid back so far. We’re allowed to cycle to and from work and there are people who cycle from Ipswich to work in Diss and it’s easier to keep two metres from people on a bike than on a train. Also, I understand that people are using ingenious ways to get round the restrictions.. Like cycling home from work to Ipswich from Woodbridge via Framlingham. It is horrible. My Mountian Bike spent virtually all day Saturday whinneying.

Hardware shops are still open because they are considered essential so this is a good time for people to do some DIY jobs. Off Licences are also still open because rightfully so, the government considers them essential. Alcohol and DIY do not necessarily go together. But as I said this is still a good time to do a bit of DIY. But don’t over do it and be careful.

Simple DIY Jobs don’t Always go to Plan

There are a number of conspiracy theories about that bloody thing. Most of them claim it was created in a laboratory. The conspiracy theories vary. They may involve only the Chinese government, Israel in conjunction with China, Isreal in conjunction with America, America on it’s own, China and North Korea, China and Russia and so forth and so on. The simple explaination that it is a natural, zoonotic, nova virus that has become a global pandemic because the Chinese government are a bunch of secretive specimins isn’t one of them. Interestingly, Bubonic Plague also originated from China and when conspiracy theorists are asked if that was also created in a lab, they are all strangely silent. Also of interest is, the last outbreak of Bubonic P)lauge in this Sceptred Isle was in Suffolk. It occured on the Shotley Penisula and in Trimley Lower Street between 1906 and 1918. The Docter who first dianosed it was honoured by the medical profession for his accurate diagnosis due to there not being any cases since the seventeenth century. You can read about here. The last Lockdown before this one was 355 years ago due to  the great plague of London Also, a lot of people don’t know this, but  the great plague of London was not Bubonic plague. Some symptoms were similar and other symptoms were different and what it actually was has never been scientifically identified. Bubonic plague was spread by rats like the ones in Ipswich town centre that lousy Labour council down there have refused to deal with.

Now take care, be safe and wash your hands thoroughly by counting the seats Labour lost at the last general election.

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