Sunday Ramblings

St Andrew’s Melton

I haven’t been more than a mile and a half out of Melton since before lockdown but I am still kept informed about things happening in Ipswich. When a new lamp post was put in, in June Avenue, (Castle Hill ward Borough, St Mags ward County) the old site was concreted over. This concrete is now rubble and dangerous. Also,in Alexandra ward, someone who lives in an even numbered house in Woodbridge Road  has been regularly burning every night for months now causing severe smoke pollution along Woodbridge Road. Smoke so strong it has set fire alarms off.

Also, in Gipping Ward, there is a ‘Double Splitter’ Street Lamp which is on a Traffic Island in West End Road, which has now been ‘Out’ for a long time. It hs been reported many times but the Lamps are still out. The Reference Number of the Unit is:- ‘P841’. The thing with street lights around there, is when you report them not working, people at the council claim they don’t exist like in the case of the legendry P7.

We have also been informed of a blocked footpath in Winston. It’s one going from Vicarage Road down to Winston Hall. Naturally, due to lockdown we haven’t manged to get over there to have a look but we have been informed that there are two gates across the footpath, 10 feet between them, and both are padlocked. There is no other route through the brambles and hedging.

Now today is a day of very good news.

The best news of the day is the fact that Christ has risen and as the risen conquering son has overcome death, we as a country shall overcome this evil visitation from China.

The cover up along with the appalling human rights record of Winnie the Pooh along with the awful pay and conditions of Chinese workers shall all come to light and justice shall flow like a river and rightousness like a never ending stream.

Further good news today is, our brilliant Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has left hospital. May he have a good rest at Chequers and come back to continue leading our great country to great things in the future.

During this time, small independent butchers, greengrocers and the like have been a lifeline to my wife and I. We can’t get a delivery slot for any of the big supermarkets and to stop the spread, have avoided travelling down to Tesco, Martlesham. Yes, they can be more expensive but as our income has dropped because of this blasted thing, when we are out of this crisis, we shall not be changing our shopping habits and continue to avoid the big supermarkets. Once we’ve worked out how to avoid using the Co-Oop so we don’t have to give money to the Labour Party, it will be good.

May the peace of the risen Christ be with you all this Eastertide and forever.

Now take care of yourselves and be safe.

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