Who are WHO?

Who are WHO and who made WHO? The left who trust WHO and the regime of Winnie the Pooh while calling our governement ministers and medical experts liars like to cite WHO eradicating smallpox but that was before WHO became run by people who are in China’s pocket.

WHO are lead by an African Communist who was put forward by guess who? China.

WHO’s Communist Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has shown an evident bias to accept Chinese declarations and denials at face value – this has created a delay in international responses.

This in spite of a very limited Chinese contribution to WHO

So we have a socialist organisation living off capitalist gains while atempting to overthrow the capitalist system in cohoots with the communist regime of China.

The most telling fact is that it took the WHO until the 11th of February to even visit Wuhan and on that visit they didn’t actually go to the hospitals responding to the crisis. Most likely China realised if they saw for themselves they would see through their utter trash claimed figures but WHO never questioned their communist masters.

Taiwan has dealt with the virus and warned the world but were ignored because they are not a member of WHO. Who won’t let Tiawan join WHO? China.

WHO is China’s lapdog paid for by the west.

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