The Media Response to the Availability of a Vaccine

This is how it’ll play out when a vaccine is ready and available

Matt Hancock :”the vaccine we have created will be administered to the most vulnerable starting tomorrow.

BBC: Will you apologise for not creating it sooner?

Laura Kuenssberg: “How far are you from creating a vaccine and when would it be likely to be administered to the most vulnerable in our society??

ITV: Isn’t it true that it contains dead kittens?

Peston: soooooo, the thing that you areeeeee tellingusis that vaccines arean impooooortant factor in preparedness for preparation. Iiiiii don’t think that’s truuuuuuuue.

Piers Morgan: “Will Boris Johnson get himself innoculated on MY show? Oh wait, he’s developed immunity now; which begs the question, is Covid19 a Tory donor?”

C4: Why didn’t you join an EU vaccination scheme?

Sky: You said creating a vaccine would be difficult, do you now accept that you weren’t telling the truth?

Buzzfeed: 37 reasons why the UK is still a shit country

Independent: Isn’t it true that austerity stopped the vaccine being made sooner?

Guardian: Vaccines are racist.

Polly Toynbee: “Vaccines are anti-anti-Vaxers. How can this be allowed in 21st century Britain?”

Owen Jones: “We might finally see the back of this virus and the Tories should be afraid.”

The Canary: Government plans to give 100% of the UK population PPE ‘do not go far enough’…

Also the Canary “Secret document reveals government plans to use coronavirus to kill people to cut pension bill. A secret government document that was written last June…..”

Also the Canary: Proof that Matt Hancock owns a vaccine manufacturer and will make millions from the pandemic.

Extinction Rebellion: Typical government response, putting people before the planet.

Anti-vaxxers: It’s made with 5G particles.

 Daily Mail: How can we be sure the vaccination doesn’t cause autism?

Daily Mail (3 hours later): how can we be sure the vaccination doesn’t cause cancer?

 Daily Mail (5 hours later): how can we be sure cancer sufferers given the vaccination won’t go on to develop autism?

Daily Mail (6 hours later): is it true that the reason why a vaccination wasn’t developed sooner is due to the feud between Meghan Markle and her father?

Daily Mail readers comments – “is it true that the vaccine was developed in a luxury mansion, with the owner showcasing a sleek outfit!?”

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