Guest Post by Comrade Blimp

This is a guest post by Comrade blimp after Comrade Blimp was inspired by the Great Sage of Chatham et al.


Jeremy Corbyn won the last election. The reason Boris got a majority is because northerners are thick. Looking at the seats it’s clear that because northern working class people aren’t that stupid, the Conservative rigged the postal votes. I know this because the majority of people in this country believe in every word of Karl Marx like I do.

The media is controlled by the Conservative Party only spreads lies in the interest of the Conservative Party and the Panarama programme starring Labour activists damning the government was factual. In fact the media is controlled by the Conservatives to the point where they make the Conservatives look compitant. Everything they said about PPE has been true the same s the stuff abour ventilators they said early on before this virus from China was created in America and Israel to bring about world domination.

The government getting Universal Credit to millions of people in three days after applying shows how useless a nd cruel this Tory government is. There are now massive outbreals of rickets and scurbvy across the country as well as Covid 19. Giving ¬£60,000 to families of health workers who have died is wrong. They should give them so much money beforehand, they can retire. As a matter of fact, the government should give everybody so much money, nobody needs to work. People who work should be taxed so much people who don’t want to work can afford to live in mansions.

It is completely wrong for the government to go ahead with Brexit at this time becuase Labour and the Lib Dams won the last election and Corbyn is Prime Minister. Only stupid, thick Tories believe otherwise.

Lockdown was brought in to late. It should have been brought in before 1979. China didn’t have a problem because it is a communist utopia which we could have under Corbyn.

Karl Marx was right when he said capitalism will lead the rich being richer and the workers to be in more and more misery.. This is a typical working class person’s house today.

What houses look like outside London

Kier Starmer is not a socialist. He is a puppet of the Tories and Israel. We want Corbyn back in Downing Street where he belongs.

The birthrate is down in Scotland and that’s because the Tories are secretly sterilising Labour voters.

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