People before Party!

The Chinese Virus is revealing a lot about people involved in politics. It is revealling who is involved in politics for the right reasons and who is not. It appears that the majority of people in politics in Suffolk are in it for the right reasons but in other parts of the country, there are people who clearly are not.

In Suffolk the Lib Dems are working with other parties for the good of the community. But, in the home counties, the Lib Dems have taken over community innitiatives and are refusing to help people known to them as Conservatives. Also, inteligence sources indicate that nationally the Yellow Peril are using this to smugly claim to be the champions of communities. We can expect lots of squit in Focus Leaflets about how they saved the country aproaching this time next year.

As a rule, in Suffolk Labour have worked well with other parties for the good of the community. We understand that Tom Hunt MP and Councillor Ellesmere are woorking together for the good of Ipswich. Meanwhile in Kensington and Chelsea, a Labour councillor has been tarred and feathered by his comrades for working with the Conservatives. Recently, Labour Councillor, Ian Henderson, helped the Conservative MP and Conservative councllors deliver goods to food banks when food banks in the borough started to run out. He has been given a formal warning and threatened with havng the Labour whip taken off him for putting the community before the party. Ian was given a formal warning and told to disassociate himself from the event. He responded by defending himself. The response was a second warning.

A prominant Facebook leftist responded with.

This is absolutely stupid. We are in an emergency situation and one sensible and compassionate Labour councillor decided that working with colleages who have a different political opinion was more important than letting people starve because he disagrees with tory policies.

You carry on mate: If the party kick you out then I will stand by your side.

Any Conservatives want to tar and feather me?

Oh and I have previous.

I thought I’d never live it down

There’s more, but I have no pictoral evidence.

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