Keep Your Eye on the ball. Stay Alert.

Things seem to be getting back to normal. We are indulging in party political squabbling again.

We need to keep social distancing and carry on being sensible. Data indicates that the peak of infection was on April the 8th, meaning that the rate of infection peaked about 3 weeks before that on 18th March, which was before Lockdown. This indicates that Lockdown was pointless but it may not have been. Though data we have so far indicates that lockdown was pointless, the notion of Lockdown’s pointlessness needs to be tested. Here I put forward the following hypothesis.

If  lockdown has had any significant effect on the spread of this virus, then due to the easing of restrictions, there will be a plateauing of data within the next couple of weeks.

By following the present guidelines out of Lockdown we will find out if the hypothesis holds up. If it doesn’t then, the Oxford model would no longer hold up and the Imperiel model we are following would then have creedence. But we have to wait and see and act with continued caution.

So in the meantime,

It’s good that on Twitter and Facebook, to some extent amongst people who are in politics for the right reasons, political mud slinging has started again. But, we need to keep our eyes on the ball and stay alert. People within our communities are still vulnerable and so need a united front against ths virus. Not only should we act with caution and continue to stay focus on victory over this thing, after we are fully out of lockdown andthe vulnerable are still confined to their homes, we need to make sure they don’t suffer unnecessarilly.

I’m enjoying the odd tit for tat on Twitter etc. But regarding the virus, we need to stay united and stay alert.

Those people in the media who have thrown a dead cat on the table in regard to someone getting on the Great North Road, should be contemptously ignored. We need to stay alert and keep our focus on the task of getting through this.

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