The Church of England Bishop’s Affront to the Gospel

The Church of England Bishops Twitter Mob

Certain viperous blind guides high up in the Church of England hierarchy have launched a twitter attack on Dominic Cummings.

One suggested the church could decline to work with the government during the coronavirus crisis “unless we see clear repentance, including the sacking of Cummings”. I’m quite surprised they used the word ‘repentence’ because I would presume the self- rightous, dog collar wearing social workers would have had such a notion completely desolved in the water quite early on.

The hypocrites tweets are dripping with holier than thou, we know what’s right, nonsense that nobody is really interested in, to the point that they’ve made the Lib Dems even more of an irrelivance than they already were. Unlike Jesus who people sought out, those gnat straining, camel swallowers are the kind of people that would have people avoid places in case they were there.

Hence replies like,

I shall not be leaving the Anglican Church but those Bishops have broken their staffs and burnt them. They are not good shepherds. On the contary, they are leading people astray and making them bigger children of hell than they are.

They encouraged a baying mob to oppress and call for the blood of an innocent man. If Jesus came back tommorrow they’d be part of the mob calling to arms those against him. People can blaspheme against Christ in front of me and I would let it go because they don’t know any better but those so called bishops insult me because they claim to represent him.

They have gone to the press claiming to have had death threats over this. Well they’re not the only ones with dog collars who have because of their actions. But putting the lives of Church of England members isn’t something new for them to do. They call for the Anglican Communion to have gay marriages. This puts lives at risk because in the north of Nigeria and Sudan are Islamist groups who would use it to incite hatred to encourage the murder of Anglicans in the south of those countries. The debate about gay marriage is not important compared to the safety of Anglican members to the majority of us. This has been mentioned to the slithering, forked tounged, venom spouting, grave decorators. But that does not concern them. But they falsly claim Dominic Cummings put lives in danger in a repulsive act of hypocritical, self indulgence.

What they do, they do for people within their social circles. This explains why to those outside, a lot of the time the Church of England looks like a bunch of middle class people buggering around. They love to attend dinners with like minded people who happen to think highly of themselves and are considered complete bores by the rest of us. You know the type. Guardianista’s. Those proud, selfserving snakes just adore being at dinner parties being called Right Reverend like they love wearing their mitres.

They’ve also claimed that by telling clergy they can’t enter their churches they’ve caused a spiritual awakening. Obviously they couldn’t have done because to awake someone you’ve got to not be asleep yourself. They are claiming that 25% of people are watching online services during lockdown which they are not. The reality is that many churches will not reopen after lockdown because many people will not return. But they are claiming otherwise because they are fluent in the language of the one they follow.

Also during this crisis the bishops have told army chaplians that they can not go into Covid19 wards. These are people who would be called into field hospitals in a war situation. a lot of them have seen and dealt with things the bishops have no idea about. They won’t let Christ’s hands and feet in Covid wards. They must really hate him. They wouldn’t let chaplians enter Covid wards to give support to NHS workers stressed out by the whole thing and allow them in to minister to the sick. They slam the door of the Kingdom of God in peoples faces, they won’t enter, nor will they let those enter who are trying to.

Dominic Cummings was insulted, persecuted and falsly accused of all kinds of evil, so blessed is he. This explains why he is probably getting on with his life while his persecuters are still spilling their hate filled guile over twitter. As for the bishops who joined in the witch hunt, I rebuke them in the name of Jesus. As I have a covenant with him I have the right.

I agree with this tweet to the Bishop of Durham.

Amen! Nobody hardly anywhere does including me.

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