Nation in Shock as the BBC tells the Truth

The Labour Party Media Headquarters

The Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune seem to be well versed in the Shock Doctrine as set forth in the book ‘The Shock Doctrine’ by BBC literature department writer, Niomi Klein They have clearly gone out of their way to shock us. First they shocked us with bullshit scare stories then they shocked us with vitriol designed to annoy us, then they shocked us by supporting the blood baying of an innocent man, then on Fakenewsnight last night they shocked us by making it obvious they are a 24 hour party political broadcast for the Labour Party and today they have shockingly admitted to being bias. Well sort of admitted to being bias. Here their literature department says that Fakenewsnight public indoctrination officer, Emily Maitlis has been replaced as propaganda speaker of tonight’s episode of Fakenewsnight after Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune politburo officers reprimanded her over a monologue in which she attacked the government and told lies about Dominic Cummings, for making it obvious that the BBC is a 24/7 party political broadcast for the Labour Party. The best thing about this story is it’s absolutely pissed off Gina Miller.

Here’s the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune’s statement

As you can see, the commune’s statement is not a correction of the inacuracies they broadcast.

So they have ‘reminded staff of the guidelines’ We have been unable to ascertain if the guidelines they refer to are Offcom section 5 here or their in house guidelines of “Don’t make it to obvious we’re a 24/7 party political broadcast for the Labour Party.”

Break it up and privatise it!

In the mean time, annoy the hell out of them like they annoy the hell out of us by using the Offcom complaints procedure here.

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