My letter to the BBC

I think it’s a disgrace that we have to pay money so the the BBC can use the daily briefings to make political statements disguised as questions. Why won’t you send medical or science journalists to the briefings? Is it because relevant questions of interest to the public can’t further your political agenda? What kind leftists are you? Do you inflict the nation with Lady Haw Haw Kuenssberg as punishment for people voting for Brexit or do you get some kind of thrill out of being sadistic? Did you have Emily Maitlis lie to the nation on Newsnight to deceive us or to upset us? Did you remove her from one programme to pretend to care what we think of you or was it a a dead catting exercise? Do you think that showing speeches live and then having your news readers say they said the opposite of what people have heard them say deceives us or are you contriving to send the public into a state of confusion? What is the point of blatantly lying? The BBC our parents and grandparents knew is dead and you killed it. Off camera, do you call each other ‘comrade’? When not on air do you laugh at us for having to pay for your propaganda? Why should we pay for fake news when we can get it for free from Squawkbox, Brietbart and the Canary?

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1 Response to My letter to the BBC

  1. Nico Swevels says:

    The SOONER the BBC dies and we can have an unbiased, believable service…. so much the better … defund it NOW !!

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