Fake News Regarding Lady Haw Haw

Lady Haw Haw

In 2011 here Radio Times told us that,

Laura Kuenssberk, the BBC’s detested and much reviled political propagandist, is to leave the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune in September to become an anti business propagandist for ITV News.

Lady Haw Haw joined the BBC in 2000, but swiftly came to prominence during the 2010 general election. Her ability to make up stories – and then tell lies to the camera about them for minutes on end, without hesitation – made her one of the most popular propagandists amongst her BBC comrades. She was tipped to become the BBC’s first female political propagandist back then.

According to the fake news at ITV, Lady Haw Haw would have lead the channel’s misleading coverage of the latest business stories, talking down the economy and prophesying doom and gloom both in the UK and internationally – making her the equivalent of the BBC’s Robert Pestilence at the time.

Lady Haw Haw used the fake news to launch another attack on the government, insinuating that poverty is on the increase. As is still her custom.

Lady Haw Haw is currently still with the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune and being a nasty affliction to the nation.

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