Ipswich Labour’s Identity Politics

Enough is enough! Enough of this divisive identity politics bollocks! Enough of this them against us, self righteous, deluded, inflammatory stuff! The Black Lives Matter thing in Christchurch Park should not go ahead but that brain dead, Labour council Ipswich have wants it to go ahead so they can virtue signal to people outside Ipswich who wouldn’t be effected by any backlash by racists retaliating in Ipswich. Ipswich Labour have a record of divisiveness in regard to community cohesion. As I reported here. When UAF had a march through Ipswich. It was made known that the UAF were going to have a march through Ipswich and it triggered an EDL counter demonstration. Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Ipswich at the time, David Ellesmere and some of his Labour comrades, liking a good virtue signalling exercise went along. Ellesmere was at the front and he spoke at the rally. A young woman marching with the UAF alongside the leader of the council was shouting through a megaphone “Fuck you EDL, fuck off and go to Hell” The same young woman was having a gig at the Steam Boat Tavern some time later and the EDL decided to have a threatening demonstration outside and got the gig cancelled. Ipswich Labour encouraged the nastiness. Cause and effect occurred.

Now those idiots in Ipswich Labour have decided to get involved with something that could do major damage to racial relations etc. in Ipswich.

Black Lives Matter is a movement that started in America. It has elements of previous movements fighting injustice but the words of Martin Luther King are not cited by them because to many of them the dream of people being judged not by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character isn’t a dream they have. They are closer to Malcolm X and the Black Panthers. The history of how they came about is interesting and the original grievances were genuine but we haven’t the time to go into them in this blog post. The Black panthers were violent criminals. The Labour party wouldn’t have that because the Panthers were socialists and to them socialists can do no wrong. One of the things that they were a backlash to was the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku klux Klan has had many incarnations the first was after the south lost the war by people who wanted to own their workers rather than pay them. So there was a cause and effect process took place.

But Ipswich Labour do not represent Ipswich. The Ipswich I know and love and am proud to be from, doesn’t have any of these divisive things that are starting to afflict our nation. Having a demo in Christchurch Park is as stupid as BLM protesters attacking Downing Street over a murder that took place in America.

Not only are they holding a divisive demo in Christchurch Park but they are lighting the Town Hall purple tonight in memory of George Floyd along with Labour councils across the UK in expressing solidarity with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities around the world. As if that’s going to make black people thrown out of their homes in China for being black feel better!

This is where the identity politics crap of the left takes us. The left is just a bunch of middle class people faffing about and buggering around. Nothing they are doing helps anybody. It’s just virtue signalling bollocks. Here, Ipswich Labour councillor, Bryony Rudkin. (She’s from North London where identity is everything becuase they’re not sure who or what they are) where she tells us that Ipswich Labour sends its condolences to George Floyd’s family and friends.  There’s Ipswich people who have been murdered whose families recieved nothing from Ipswich Labour. It’s pathetic!

But Councillor Rudkin’s article is particularly bad because she brings in the fact that  a disproportionate number of BAME people succumb to Covid-19 in a paragraph talking about the BNP and the EDL. Does she think the BNP are behind the virus? Weird, absolutely crazy squit, or what?

The only thing Ipswich Labour’s identity politics is good for is Ipswich Conservatives. You see, when it comes to identity, Ipswich people whatever colour, still haven’t lost theirs.

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