Social Care in Suffolk

Here the Lib Dem County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge, Caroline Page has written an article about outbreaks of Wahun Virus in Suffolk care homes. She claims that the green and yellow councillors have been asking questions. The article doesn’t really tell us much. Which is a shame because during this crisis, a lot of our usual channels of enquiry have been closed.

We have heard reports of outbreaks in care homes in Melton resulting in two deaths. But we are unable to confirm the reports because obtaining information on such matters at this time is difficult.

62% of UK care homes have kept their care homes safe and Covid 19 free.

Care Home Mortality by country
Scotland— 45%

“25% of UK deaths have occurred in care homes. The average is 50% in the rest of Europe.
Sweden 90%
Spain 33%
Belgium 50%

This does not mean it could have done better. In fact if the last (ever hopefully) Labour government hadn’t sold off all the NHS care homes to the private sector then we would have had a better handle on what was happening. One of the outcomes of this virus must be the renationalisation of care homes, bringing social care back fully under the umbrella of the NHS.

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