BLM Protests in East Suffolk

The Shire Hall in Woodbridge was covered in black lives matter placards and looked awful. It’s all very well having a protest but you don’t leave everything up for days afterwards. It makes the town which is a jewel in the crown of East Suffolk look awful. A worker for Norse tried to remove them and got into an altercation with them and he is now suspended for doing his job! This is because Woodbridge Town Council has a real problem with militant councillors of the Green and Yellow variety who feel they can act like a mafia and do what they want regardless of what anyone else thinks.

These councillors encourage politically naive, young, white, middle class people to have these protests regarding whatever the trendy thing to protest about is at the time. There’s a sign on the railings by the drummer boy. saying people can put them up. This sign was put there without going before any committee, no due process or consultation. The militant’s on the town council just rode roughshod over people as if they are elected to lord over people rather than serve the community. Yet these are the type of people who call Conservatives fascists and the like. When people tried to engage with the protesters, they were called “racist” and were told that Woodbridge is a “racist town” and “lacks diversity” I find that very insulting. Woodbridge has a memorial to a leading abolitionist campaigner and activist who assisted in bringing about the abolition of the Slave Trade, and the grave of another. Woodbridge has commemorated their memory with the naming of both Clarkson crossing, across Ipswich Road and the naming of Clarkson Court, next to Notcutts, as well as the memorial in St Mary’s churchyard.

Also, there is a BLM march in Felixstowe next weekend as the Morning Ipswich Labour Star reports here. Because of this, a number of Felixstowe residents are concerned about the war memorial and other monuments in the town. This has lead to a friend of mine from the BAME community (the fact that I feel the need to mention that they’re in the BAME community, shows how divisive this thing is getting) saying that BLM marches have become like Orange marches in Republican areas. The problem is, he has a point. As my post here pointed out. These marches and demo’s are as divisive as hell. If people get wound up and people decide to defend the monuments, it will damage community cohesion. To the Ipswich Star article, someone made a very good point that it’s interesting it’s outsiders eg. recent immigrants or white women rather than settled ethnic minorities that are leading the campaign. Surely the settled ethnic community would have the most valid experience. As a BAME friend of mine said, ethnic minorities are to busy running businesses, studying for professions or working in meaningful work. Meanwhile white liberals after doing useless degrees have got nothing better to do.

Why go on a march or plaster posters about? Surely if you are concerned about racial equality and fighting racism, you’d get involved with ISCRE, the Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality. Their website is here. When some racist posters showed up in Ipswich, they sprang into action and had an event on the Corn Hill. They haven’t mentioned any of this BLM stuff, because they know it is counterproductive.

The thing is the left are like leaves blowing in the wind from one issue to another. Extinction Rebellion is so 2019, the in thing now is Black Lives Matter. To the liberal left, it’s all about following the latest fashion. Some years ago the left ranted against trade protectionism keeping poorer country’s poor. Then Brexit, the thing that is putting us in a position as a country to tackle the injustice came along, and they protested about it, then they decided to get on to climate change and now BLM is their latest packet of fun. Throughout all this, it’s always “What do we want?” “We’re not really sure.” “When do we want it?” “Now.” But the target they really are against is capitalism. The fact that Saturday is the first Saturday shops will be open since Lockdown started and a lot of small independents in Felixstowe really need the trade right now and people may stay away because of what they have planned, probably pleases them no end because to them anyone who runs a business is an evil Victorian mill owner.

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