The Republic of CHAZ

American Marxists have declared that an area of Seattle was seceding from the United States. The police pulled out and abandoned the area because as they always do in Seattle, the Democratic mayor and governor who are posibly more useless than even Sadiq Khan and Cresseda Dick, told them to.

The Socialist Republic of Chaz is ruled over by a guy called Raz, who has gone from the role of lawbreaker to the role of lawman. His rule was established by giving someone a beating. The victim was a graffiti artist, caught spray can in hand by Raz’s henchmen. His offence was not vandalising property, but spraying over another, more favoured graffiti artist’s work. So in the Republic of Chaz, the arts flourish under Raz’s ‘progressive leadership’ Raz and his henchtrots patrol the frontiers of his socialist utopia with an AK-47 and a hand gun. The frontiers are marked by some police barricades left over from the recent protests 

The mostly vegan citizens have been busy planting vegetable plots and circulating recipes for making chlorine gas in case the police tried to invade and annex the independent enclave.

More here.

What will Trump do? Will he liberate this occupied part of American territory? Or will he let the new republic last a bit longer so everybody can see how shit socialism is?

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