Defund the BBC

There are a number of people calling for the defunding the BBC there is a petition for free thinking people who don’t want to fund propaganda garbage here.

One of the people leading this Defund the BBC campaign has Ipswich connections. I wonder if Radio Suffolk will report that. Well as it’s Suffolk Day, let’s dig deeper. Now a certain radio presenter has blocked me on Facebook but surely questions need to be answered like why did BBC Norwich East end up in Norwich rather than Ipswich and what was before BBC Suffolk? Every other county in the East had a radio station at least a decade before Radio Suffolk came in to existence. Suffolk was the last area in the east of England to have a radio station. And the BBC Norwich East weekend program had all BBC radio stations mentioned in the region, so as far as they were concerned nothing happened in Suffolk. Why was this?

Then there’s Look Norwich. Officially called Look East but Great Yarmouth is probably a bit beyond their reach. Why is it that people in Ipswich are supposed to find a dog pissing up a lamp post in Dereham Road, Mustard City interesting when Norwich people are not supposed to find a dog pissing up a lamp post in Bramford Road, Ipswich interesting?

These are interesting questions the public would like to know about. But then a really good journalist would ask what amount of people in Suffolk have been prosecuted for non payment of the government imposed poll tax that pays for this stuff, most of which we’re not interested in.

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2 Responses to Defund the BBC

  1. That’s not all. Do a search on the BBC site for well known recent attacks and you won’t find them. You will only find stories to fit the current blm agenda. Which is a strange agenda.

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