Covid19 Longtail symptoms (Post Covid Syndrome)

Today there was going to be an article in the Daily Telegraph that has been rescheduled due to the terrorist attack in Reading Yesterday. I was planning to write an article with links to the Telegraph article today but due to it being rescheduled today, I’ve decided to scoop the Telegraph instead. The article is about a survey that Saxmundham resident and Covid19 Longtail sufferer Louise Barnes has conducted. Covid Longtail which American medical experts call Post Covid Syndrome, is the continuation of symptoms after the virus has been defeated. There has been details of another survey been published by an organisation that unlike the Telegraph and RSV, conducts shoddy journalism. The survey that will shortly be reported on in the Daily Telegraph, at the weekend, so I am informed, is thorough and unlike the other survey the majority of respondents have been tested Covid Positive in the past instead of merely displaying symptoms. You don’t have to be very scientifically minded to work out which one is most likely to be accurate.

Shockingly, 97% of respondents say they still have symptoms after kicking the thing and 97.3% said they have had them.

18.6% still have symptoms 13 weeks after ‘recovery’ and 17.2% still have symptoms after 15 weeks or beyond.

We know that the virus is more likely to kill people who are disabled but when it comes to continued symptoms of which 97% said they had them, 81.9% surveyed were not disabled.

Also, underlying health conditions are relevant with certain ailments like diabetes, making it more likely to be fatal but 55.6% of those surveyed did not have any underlying health issues before suffering from Covid19.

43% said that they are not overweight or underweight. 91.7% are non smokers, 63.5% are not taking any medication like pain killers like Gabapentin, Morphine, Methotrexate, NSAIDS, Beta blockers or Oxygen. 56.1% tell of an up and down effect with days where they feel fine and days when they feel terrible. 69.5% have experienced headaches, 84% have had chest tightness, 69.6% have had breathing problems, 45.6% have had muscle pains. 42.8% have had trembling and shaking episodes. For 42.4% the symptoms wax and wane. 82.7% did not need a ventilator. 52.3% always felt that they could beat the virus when they had it.

The most common longtail symptoms are chest pain/pressure, breathing issues, headache, earache and extreme exhaustion.

This Longtail phenomenon first came to light when Professor Paul Gardiner from the Liverpool School of tropical Medicine wrote an article in the Telegraph. In that article was also Professor Tim Spector from Kings College, London. 1 in 20 Covid19 sufferers experience these long tail effects.

Saxmundham resident Louise Barnes set up the Long tail Covid Sufferers Support Group. Many members say they were not being taken seriously by the medical community, family and friends or employers. She decided to launch a petition to try and be proactive and get the NHS executives at all of the UK major hospitals to set up post covid rehabilitation clinics, irrespective of testing to help sufferers on a case by case basis with a cardiologist, pulmonologist, neurologist and specialists who could look at the effects and possibly do further scans to ensure they make some progress.

Louise has also made two surveys and enlisted the help of the Telegraph which she
deemed to be a reliable, independent newspaper which would promote their story without making it into a political attack on the Government. She is writing to Matt Hancock in a constructive fashion as well as Boris Johnson and Therese Coffey who is her local MP and sending them the results, as well as a petition which now has over 5000 signatures asking them for help and support. You can sign the petition here.

Support group here.

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