The Lousiness of the US Health Care System

The US government pays a higher percentage of of GDP than the UK government does. But people still have to pay for it and health insurance there means that if you split your head open and go to A&E the amount you pay goes up.

Hospitals are run by ‘charitable’ organisations who send the bill which puts your health insurance up, So the more sick you have been (or the more they screw you) the more you pay. There’s a lot more wrong with the Health care system over there but, maybe I’ll share it another time.

The data from other countries make America an anomaly in the overall data. Would the trajectory of the curve match the data of other countries if the data was looked at state by state? That’s probable but.

In my attempt to research the anomaly, I’ve discovered something.

First of all the test is for Corona Virus, not Covid19 a lot of the time, but then it get’s more concerning.

In America, hospitals get money for claiming a patient has Covid19 even if they don’t. A health establishment can make  almost $40,000 If they have to use a ventilator It’s around $10,000 for a normal intensive care case “Trust me I’m a Doctor.”

Apparently hardly anyone has died of anything else in the US this year. How interesting.

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