Israel’s continued Annexation of the West Bank.

First the loony left claimed that what BLM was saying about the neck hold used against Georrge Floyd was taught by Israel and when the fake news was shown up for the crap it is by Amnesty International, the loony left mnade a bit of a song and dance about a couple of explosions in Gaza. Then BLM claimed British politics is gagged against criticism of Israel. Then pro Israel people said that Israel is not annexing the West Bank.

First of all, Israel is intent on annexing the West Bank piece by piece to the point where a two state solution is impossible as I’ve said many times over the years on this blog. Secondly, British politics isn’t gagged in regard to the matter. Here Haaretz informs us

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Tuesday that Israeli annexation of West Bank lands “would amount to breach of international law,” stressing that his government strongly objects it and will work to make the case for a two state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly given the 1st of July for his plans for conquest annexation of parts of the West Bank. So tomorrow we shall hear his plans for further areas of the territory to be taken for further colonial outpost Illegal settlement building

What would end the continued annexation of the West Bank is for the Israeli people to remove him via the ballot box and there are plenty of Israeli’s who want him out of power. There’s a couple of reasons why he hangs on. Firstly due to the amount of other parties, the votes against Likud are enough for Likud to form a coalition and carry on as normal. Netanyahu will continue to support colonial outpost illegal settlement building in the West Bank because, guess where a lot of his core vote is. The colonialists settlers can vote in the West Bank but Palestinians can’t. With the continued building of colonial outposts illegal settlements making a two state solution more unrealistic, we must also consider the possibility of a single state. If so, the debate is if it is a single democratic state or a single apartheid state.

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