Modern Slavery in Suffolk

Here the Morning Ipswich Star says that three men have been arrested in connection with modern slavery offences in Ipswich. It says that the arrests were made as part of an operation targeting modern slavery after a warrant was executed at an address in east Ipswich on June 10.

The Morning Ipswich Star says,

The three men, aged 29, 26 and 20, were arrested on suspicion of slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour.

Paperwork, payment cards, and other items were seized as part of the operation. A number of potential victims were also located and spoken to

I can’t find the press release but we know what the Morning Ipswich Star got from it due to Archant journalists being so lazy. Basically they copy and pasted the press release.

Detective chief inspector Angus Moir said:

“Modern slavery is hidden in every community and in many cases the victims are very vulnerable and are specifically targeted by their exploiters. It takes many forms but the most common include criminal exploitation, sexual exploitation, forced labour and domestic servitude. I would like to thank our partners in working closely together to achieve these results.”

GLAA senior investigating officer Jenni Baines said:

“Sadly, the exploitation of workers shows no sign of going away and we know that the current pandemic also has the potential to create the conditions in which more people are exploited for their labour.

“We would encourage people who have reason to believe that someone is being exploited to report their concerns. We can then take swift and decisive action to bring offenders to justice and protect vulnerable workers.”

People are shocked that slavery is has gone on in Suffolk. It has gone on in Suffolk and is going on in Suffolk as I have been saying on this blog for a number of years.

Here Suffolk Constabulary has a page on modern slavery and human trafficking.

They have a video on the page. As political activists read this blog, I feel the need to point out that it would be good for political activists to know the signs when canvassing etc. It’s amazing what you can find out on the doorstep isn’t it?

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