The BBC is in Trouble, let it die.

Here ITV reports that figures suggest that Hundreds of people opted to cancel their TV licence each day over the past five months.

The Times reported the number of licences held across the UK fell by 82,000 in the five months to March this year, citing data obtained via the Freedom of Information Act.

This works out at around 550 per day, on average.

BBC spokesman told the paper 91% of the adult population used the BBC every week and its iPlayer platform had recently had record audiences.

On licence numbers, he added: “There will always be fluctuation and March’s figures will include the fact that some people have found it more difficult to pay during lockdown.”

Well the BBC pushed for the Lockdown didn’t they? If it wasn’t for Lockdown they’d probably blame that most beautiful thing called Brexit

Also, at the time of writing, the government petition to scrap the government imposed, unfair poll tax is currently at 50,672.signitures. You can sign the petition here.

It’s good to see ITV reporting on it in a professional manner after how smug the BBC were about  Murdoch’s withdrawal of the BSkyB bid which I blogged about here.

We have been informed the BBC are going to send letters pleading with people to ‘do the right thing.’ instea of threatening them with legal action.

Here informs us,

Tips for Avoiding TVL/BBC harassmentNo contactSimply ignore TVL/BBC. Their letters are computer-generated and sent out by the hundred-thousand. The purpose of these “official warnings” and threats of “imminent legal action” is psychologial rather than actual. Once this is realised, the letters cease to have any effect or credibility.The same applies to street visits. If someone called at your door and asked to see whether you had a washing-machine or a food-mixer, would you let them in? Of course not, so why permit TVL/BBC to look for a TV, video or DVD player? People who work for TVL/BBC have no more right to enter private residences than people selling dusters.”

Sign the petition here.

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