Slavery Historic and Modern

I am sure that as a historian David Starkey would be aware that Africans were sold to Europeans by their fellow Africans the same as people who are being trafficked today are being trafficked by their own people. Because of this slavery cannot be described as genocide. As David Starkey would be aware of the history of slavery as a historian, what he said can only be described as a racist rant rather than a debating point of an informed academic. But as there’s nothing we can do about historic slavery, it is more important to tackle modern slavery.

While people have been tearing down statues modern slavery has been ignored. I was surprised by the shock some long term readers of this blog had when I blogged about modern slavery in Ipswich a week ago here. I personally am pleased that after years of raising awareness of the issue of modern day slavery this stain on humanity in our time is being exposed and justice is coming to the forefront.

Also what has come to light during this time is what’s been happening in third world sweatshop in Leicester. Boohoo was paying workers £2.50 an hour and people were informed that they would be paid based on how they work. As they are only getting £2.50 an hour and they make so little money they have to live with 10 others in two or three-bedroom houses. Conservative MP for  North West Leicestershire, Andrew Bridgen reckons there could be 10,000 people in slavery in Leicester.

Andrew Bridgen MP says,

“Covid-19 has brought into focus what’s been going on.

“It’ll take a Tory government to end the despicable work practices and human exploitation in Leicester.”

Hard-working people have been risking their lives to produce clothes for big fashion brands right here in the UK. The Labour Party had a lot to say about exploitation that happened nearly 200 years ago but they are silent about this.

The area has three Labour MP’s, 51 out of 54 Labour councillors and a Labour mayor. I guess blaming the Conservatives would blow in their face and as Labour always put the Labour Party first, they are going to try and ride this and hope it goes away. But it won’t go away, I can assure you of that. The trade unions have been silent too. Is that because they care more about politics than pay and working conditions?

Cases of modern slavery in Leicester are now being investigated by the police.

RSV shall be following these investigations with interest. As Andrew Bridgen MP says, only a Conservative government can end this abhorrent activity. It will.

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