Suffolk Labour At War!

The comrades of Suffolk Labour are at war with each other with the Corbynites opening fire on the Blairites. The party is at war with itself. The Corbynites of Suffolk Coastal Labour are now trying to force out the adults in Ipswich Labour.It’s got to the point where Coastal Labour have written a letter to Ipswich Labour chair, Bryony Rudkin attacking Alasdair Ross. A copy of which has been obtained by Suffolk Labour’s favourite blogger. Coastal Labour have invited a couple of antisemitic speakers and Alasdair has spoken against antisemitism. This has clearly upset the Jew haters in Coastal Labour.

Here is the letter,

So the losers have launched a witch-hunt. Alasdair Ross has contributed to our country, as an army veteran and speaks the truth about Momentum.

How the Momentum members on the borough council react should be interesting.

Solidarity with Alasdair Ross.

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1 Response to Suffolk Labour At War!

  1. bluemonday75 says:

    Is Ross the one that does not sing the national anthem at events? It’s a disgrace he should be ashamed with no Corbyn are they allowed to sing the national anthem again?

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