Ipswich as a Tourist Destination

At full council last week Ipswich’s lousy Labour administration voted to close the Tourist Information Centre down there. An absolutely ludicrius decision considering more people are holidaying in Blighty this year.

Earlier this week, Suffolk’s resident mad Marxist intellectual, Comrade Coates alerted me to this article.

The barmy Bolshevik Blogger, Andrew Coates said,

“Forget the buzz of the Big Apple, the pristine beaches of Bali and the lush jungles of Costa Rica – holidaymakers hankering for a travel experience they can really write home about can apparently put down their passports and need look no further than the town of Ipswich.”

The historic Suffolk county town was listed as one of Tripadvisor’s “emerging destinations” to visit earlier this year, alongside Vietnam’s Phu Quoc island, La Paz in Mexico and Tangier, Morocco”

Not everybody agrees. The ‘I’ online does not put up a column on the side, “I’d say come visit…if you like concrete and closed shops.”

This is unfair, although I would hesitate to put the town where I live alongside Tangier. Christchurch Mansion and Park, the many Tudor houses and pubs, the 12 medieval churches (my favourite is Saint Margaret’s), make it a good place for a visit.

Plus, since he went to work for the gentry in the Big Houses near Woodbridge, Ipswich is no longer residence to “ze old misery guts”, Suffolk’s leading anti-mask campaigner, Tory intellectual and poet, Kevin Algar.

Well some of my Conservative friends down there will tell you that I always wanted to encourage tourism in to Ipswich to bring much needed revenue into the local economy. So as I always supported investment in tourism to help the prosperity of Ipswich and the county as a whole, me not living there anymore is a loss to Ipswich.  

Comrade Coates continued,

I’d say a visit, planned around the Mansion, down to the Saints, and Neptune Quay by the Orwell – lots of places to have a drink or eat on the way or by the estuary. They mention Suffolk Food Hall, but amongst the tiny number of people I know who’ve been there (it’s well out of town) say it’s overpriced and pretentious. On a day like today the Owell by the Quayside looks spectacular (it’s about 8 minutes from my gaff).

If only his Labour comrades ruining the town to the detriment of the whole county had such vision.

I mentioned to the barmy Bolshevik that up the bridleway from the Suffolk Food Hall is one of the best views in Suffolk.

Neither Constable or Churchyard captured the view, but I did!

Wherstead Church

The traffic thunders
Over the bridge,
Can hear the noise
of Cliff Quay.

Here we see, natures majesty.

Commerce does encroach
With the hall down below.
Where the middle class
Like to pay and tell.

Here above, the majestic Orwell.

So close to the city
but yet so remote,
This so secretive
well known view.

Of the Orwell, glistening blue.

Downwards fields undulate
with groups of trees,
Down to the river
the land does slide.

Looks wild on the other side.

Trimley Water Tower seen
on the horizon,
Past the bays and creeks
Trying to capture the moment.

Majestic peace.

Where as Lowestoft is the Gateway to the Broads and Woodbridge is the Gateway to the Heritage Caost Ipswich is a gateway to the Heritage Coast, Constable Country and the Suffolk Wool Town’s. But that Labour administration down there has no vision.

So in the mean time,

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