The Your Covid Recovery App Reviewed by Longtail Sufferers.

The ‘Your Covid Recovery App’ is out and untested Longtail sufferers have written some blistering reviews of it.

One sufferer said this,

“The new Your Covid Recovery app is out…its a bag of crap. Exercise they say..if only. As predicted. GP referrals required. NHS bollocks.”

Well they couldn’t please everybody could they. Another Longtail sufferer gave this review.

That is just SO blooming typical really – what I expected to hear. As per usual, nothing for us, the ones who thought we were doing the right thing by staying home, not going into hospital – therefore, no tests, now shot in the foot. Oh how would they like it if we went out for a jog, collapsed, get rushed to hospital….. I watched someone going up a steep flight of steps on t.v and THAT exhausted me! Exercise…..if only. X

There is also this positive review of the app

No treatment plans or info. Absolutely fuck all.

I’ve seen a few other reviews that aren’t printable.

Covid Longtail Support Group founder, Louise Barnes says

Theres nothing on it for long tail patients. Its info overload. We are needing face to face appointments with clinicians at hospital and scans now in August and September before winter season. Instead our pleas for self referral have been ignored and were told to contact the Seacole centre which for me is a 7 hours round trip and also required a GP referral. We are the forgotten victims of covid 19.

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