Fund Raiser for Untested Sufferers of Covid Longtail to get treatment privately

Untested long tailers are unable to get any support from NHS England or the Government. It is a scandal.

They need urgent mri & ct scans on their brains, heart, lungs, kidneys. gastric tract and liver. They have spent 3 months trying to get support but nothing is available, instead they are being labelled with mental illness. Exasperated, with little energy due to fatigue and suffering on average 50 symptoms each, they have started an ongoing fund raising campaign to help these patients get urgent scans privately at a hospital to prove they are ill and rule out harmful clots.

They have had people die due to clotting and many of them are deeply concerned that they have permanent damage or are needing medical support. This group will only get bigger, To prove their point they are collating evidence and they are going to send some members for private scans to then prove that they need these.

They are aiming for £25,000 to send around 4 to 5 sufferers for these scans to prove that the NHS must help them.

They have been isolated, excluded and they are the forgotten victims of Covid 19. Most members are untested and stayed home not to put pressure on the NHS at a time of crisis and have now shot themselves in the foot.

Some of these members are medical frontline staff who contracted longtail during their work and have been fired, unpaid, treated unacceptably as well as others.

To get scans they have set up a fundraiser. If you can help them get the proof of internal damage to organs please donate and/or share the fundraiser so they will have proof of medical need.

Fund raiser here

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