The Climate Fanatics are returning

Just when we thought things were getting better and things were gioing to improve. Greta Thunberg is back. Only the Guardian is reporting her activities but fake news producers like the BBC will be picking up on what she’s up to soon. Here, fake news website has a headline which is in fact a lie. It says that the highest temperiture ever recorder on Earth wwas this week. But the reality is that it may have hit 54.4 c in Death Valley USA this week. The fact is, the temperiture has not been confirmed and higher tempertiures perviously reported there and othe rplace have been disputed for accuracy. Also, the BBC would obviously not mention that viruses can’t survive over 40 C which is why people develop temperitures to kill them off.

The BBC will support any climate demos regardless of the fact that they won’t be social distanced. This is because they know all the scaremongering bollocks they pumped out to persuade the public to support lockdown was just scaremongering bollocks.

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