It’s Time to go for Herd Immunity

If we compere the death rates and infection rates between the UK and Sweden, it appears that lockdown slowed the infection rate but had no impact on the death rate. Sweden got it right.

In England you are currently 10 times more likely to die of flu than of Covid-19. New hospital admissions in England have shown a very slight uplift that’s barely noticeable. It’s definitely there but nowt to be alarmed about.

The wonderful thing about exponential curves is we only need 2-3 days more ‘data’ to confirm a trend. It is probable that the trend is still downward.

So data suggests that lockdown does nothing to hospitilisation and death rates but slows the infection rate. Hence in Sweden, the death rate went down as the infection rate went up . Lockdown supresses it and so, prolongs its impact on the economy, our culture and the mental health of the nation.

It got the vulnerable first and now is going through the population. Sweden never went into lockdown so it spread faster, but the death rate curve is the same. By this, we can ascertain that lockdown is counter productive. The restrictions coming in on Monday would also be counterproductive.

It’s hitting younger people now. There’s lot’s of information on the changing age group demographics here.

They have to make a big deal out of the deaths and the fact that there are young people getting the virus even though many are asymptomatic because otherwise how are they going to justify the authoritarian restrictions? If restrictions were lifted, herd immunity would be achieved naturally. As it is clear that the Infection Fatality Ratio is now ultra-low, all the young and healthy people should go and get Covid-19, so that we can hit herd immunity and then get on with living our lives.

Boris Johnson said “”it breaks my heart to have to insist on these restrictions”. Well it breaks my heart that a Conservative Prime Minister is ditching all his principles to follow something the evidence is stacked against.

This nonsense must end!

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