Well Said Desmond Swayne MP

The ‘second wave’ that we are threatened with is really a second wave of mass hysteria.

In the last fortnight of July five times more people died of seasonal flu (some 1000) than died of Covid19 (some 200 souls). Are we in a panic about flu deaths? Why not?

For the last 5 years flu has carried off almost 20,000 of us annually. In the flu season of 1968-69, 80,000 flu deaths occurred in the UK, but we didn’t lock down our economy doing untold damage; we didn’t close our schools; we didn’t pass draconian new laws with fines for making normal social contact. We maintained a proper sense of proportion.

The damage we are doing to ourselves with our current overreaction is enormous: one in three of our 18 to 25 year-olds have lost their jobs, and they are just the first: a tsunami of job losses is now coming our way.

We were told that the objective was to protect the NHS, and we did, but 26,000 people have now died as a result of not getting treatments for other conditions, and a further 16,000 will follow them by next March. Millions are now on the waiting list for treatment, 300,000 of them waiting in great pain for joint replacements alone. 2000 clinical trials for new drugs and treatments have been paused or abandoned.

We will be paying for our gross overreaction in so many ways for years to come. It is little excuse to acknowledge that much of the rest of the world has shared our madness. It is just bonkers.

– Desmond Swayne MP

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