Facebook Post Covid Recovery Group

Post Covid Recovery Group can be found here.

A complaint was lodged by my fellow interviewee in regard to the Look Norwich Interview we did that was heavily edited so Look Norwich could have residents of Birmingham talk about it on Look Norwich about a week later. Yes, so called BBC Look East let people talk about the issues who live in Birmingham rather than people from Suffolk.

Post Covid Group here

In response to the complaint the BBC Director-General’s office (yes it went that high) passed it on to the  Head of Complaints for BBC England.

An issue is they gave a wrong group name and the number of members was wrong. But the Head of Complaints for BBC England informs us that it’s easily searchable on the internet, so an enquiring and curious viewer would be able to find more detail relatively easily with my name, and Covid as search terms. That’s what he said in an Email. Being enquiring and curious I did such a search on Google and got this

Bullshit abounds!

The group can be found here.

Anyway, with this post and the tags attached what he siad will be in hours of writing this, true.

Post Covid Recovery Group can be found here.

It’s not the word of the prophet that has come true but rather the word of the bullshitter.

Post Covid Recovery Group can be found here.

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