The Anti Christ is directing policy.

The worst prime minister this country ever had is directing policy through the Tony Blair Institute of Global Change. Website here.

Let’s look at some screenshots from the Anti Christ Tony Blair Institute for Global Control Change.

So through his policy institute the mass murdering war criminal is controlling the government to bring about the destruction of our economy and our culture. Thousands of people will lose their jobs and thousands will die through being unable to get treatment on the NHS, By the New Year, 50,000 people in the UK will have been killed by the lockdown due to them not being able to get treatment for other conditions because of Tony Blair’s policies which he has come up with under the guidence of his father, are implemented by sheep in wolves clothing, like Matt Hancock.

Case numbers have been increasing for over two months now with absolutely no effect on death or hospitalisation numbers at all. But Tony Blair probably wants to take a selfie of himself after the aftermath of the dammage he is now doing to this country.

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