Response to Andy Coates FB Trolling

Over the last week or so, I’ve been trolled on Facebook by Ipswich’s famous barmy bolshevik blogger, Comrade Coates.

Four days ago, the mad Marxist wrote about a visit he made to Woodbridge and by what he wrote, it appears that he took a walk along the Deben and foraged some rather dodgy mushrooms around Kyson Hill.

He posted this,

My reply?

Later in the conversation the North London bourgeois snob siad

He wants us all to know how much money he has.

He then said this,

I pointed out to him that the Pheasant season doesn’t start until the first of October.

He then said this,

Oh, so he used to go shooting did he? I knew his folks had a second home in Friston, but I didn’t know about this. Hmmm. Thinking about it, I reckon shooting would be to working class for him. Obviously he prefers place like Friston, Woodbridge and Ipswich because Islington and that dump, Tottenham are to common.

There was also this,

Today, the barmy bolshevik has posted this,

What on earth is he on?

His place in Oxford Road is hardly the pokey, ramshckle abode he would have people believe.

I replied,

Shooting is an organised outdoor sport which produces delicious, sustainable food for the table. Organised outdoor sports are exempt from the rule of six, so I can only assume that some people are against either deliciousness or food or sustainability.

Doesn’t Comrade Coates wants to escape from Ipswich to get something nice to eat now? I don;t mind, all the more for us.

I haven’t eaten game for ages. Noone I know have blasted any muntjac recently.

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1 Response to Response to Andy Coates FB Trolling

  1. Alas, my parents never had a second home.

    They lived in Friston when they retired, and moved from North London.

    It was their home.

    I notice you not publish the name of the street where you live.

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