Thoughts on the Covid Nonsense

Here the Daily Telegraph reveals that Patrick Vallance has a £600,000 share holding in GTX. GTX is the company developing a vaccine for Covid-19.

Here’s a graph shoowing what the company has been doing in the markets.

The objective of a vaccine is to achieve herd immunity. Herd immunity could be achieved by allowing the virus to spread through the population at which point a vaccine would be useless. If herd Immunity has not been achieved at the point a vaccine is made, then GTX share prices will look something like this.

So with the Infection Fatality Ratio being low and with hospitalisations being low, what reason could there be for Patrick Vallance to want suppress the spread of the virus?

Unfortunately there isn’t any mechinism for the government to go against SAGE. Which is stopping the government from doing its job. Government responsibility is to protect. But as the IFR is so low and the NHS isn’t being overwhealmed, why isn’t the government protecting out economy, future properity, freedoms and culture?

With decisions being made by diktat under the misguidance of SAGE, the democratic process is being undermined. But due to the amount of Conservative MP’s who are against the abolition of Britain presently taking place, our dear leader would rather avoid the embarrassment of real Conservatives speaking out. Parliament is sovereign as the legislative body, not SAGE.

There should have been a lot more debate over this long before it got this bad. But the media stiffled debate with their scare stories. There hasn’t been a proper political or scientific debate over any of this because the media lead by the vile BBC wanted us in lockdown so they could reeducate us. The media have continued to stiffle debate. One such way of stiffling debate the media use is to put it across that anyone who can read a graph is a tinfoil hat wearing conpiracy theorist.

The whole stratergy has been all over the place. The whack a mole approach where we are constantly told there’s only one way to get rid of a mole.

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