MP For Ipswich Self Isolating

Tom Hunt says,

SELF-ISOLATION UNTIL 14 OCTOBER: A member of my team has tested positive for COVID-19 and I have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace who have informed me that I have to self-isolate until 14 October. This will be my second spell of self-isolating since the pandemic started as I was experiencing some of the symptoms back in the spring. Right now I am experiencing no symptoms whatsoever and feel fit as a fiddle. I will continue to represent my constituents and Ipswich as best I can remotely via my laptop and will hopefully being able to carry out most of my planned meetings via Zoom or microsoft teams. Very frustrating but the situation is what it is and the NHS Track and Trace system is in place to control the spread of the virus and protect the most vulnerable. I guess it will give me the opportunity to have a bit of a breather and tidy my flat but it will be a couple of weeks before I’m next able to represent Ipswich in the Chamber. I’m currently arranging a proxy vote so I’ll still be able to vote on Government business. So if in a few days you star to think I’ve gone a bit quiet, this is why.

Good health to Tom Hunt and all his staff.

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