More on NHS England’s Data Input Farce

We were all in unbelief when we found out that the NHS was using Excell to report data but it’s more ridiculous than that. The hospitalisation data is on an Excell sheet and it’s not password protected so anyone can edit it. No! I’m not making it up! I’m finding it hard to believe myself.

As anyone can edit it we shall not let it be knwon how the data can be accessed but we shall show a few screen shots we have taken.

The first thing of interest is that the statistics are estimates rather than actual. Going by other estimates that have been made about Covid-19, we must presume that these estimates are probably wrong.

Let’s have a closer look at some Data.

So there is an estimated 19 hospitalisations in the East of England.

Now let’s look at some East of England data.

By this we can see that around 0.00014% of the population of Suffolk is in hospital with the Chinese Virus. Meanwhile, the local Covidistas think we need lots of pointless restrctions to deal with it. Now naturally, last week when it went from one hospitalisation to two in Suffolk the Covidista media announced that hospitalisations had doubled but this week when it went from two to one, they didn’t mention hospitalisations.

Another thing of interest in how NHS England corralate data is the fact that whilst daily admissions are published daily, discharges are only announced monthly because discharge data isn’t scary.

There is a lot more of interest in regard to NHS England’s data input but we have decided to pass it on to our friends at Lockdown Sceptics for further critical analysis that will be read by a wider audiance.

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