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Labour Today

Private Hospitality Industry Breaker Lockdown

Labour Today propose a Hospitality Industry Breaker Lockdown for the entire country. They’re calling it a ‘Circuit Breaker Lockdown The phrase ‘circuit breaker’ makes it sound like the virus is buzzing around like electricity. Now if it is like that whoever is made to apply the pliers to break the circuit would get a shock. Obviously the people who would be made to use the pliers and bear the brunt of the shock are people in the hospitality industry. As most Labour Party members work in the public sector, they are calling for this with their ‘I’m alright Jack’ attitude because it’s not their jobs that will go.

Breaking Up The United Kingdom

Labour Today in Wales are imposing a Hospitality Industry Breaker Lockdown. This has effectively put up an unconstitutional border between England and Wales. As Jacob Rees Mogg says “This is the consequences of socialism” You see, socialism divides reather than unites. The daily deaths in Wales are in single digits and falling. Daily deaths from the China Virus in Wales peaked at 11 on October 7th and haven’t climbed above single digits since. The cumulative death toll in Wales, as of yesterday, was 1,712, which is about 3.9% of the total in England. Cases in Wales are falling but Drakeford wants to waddle around virtue signalling.

Spending Other Peoples Money

Labour Today is just like Labour has always been. Labour Today wants to spend lots of other people’s money. The Welsh Labour Party decided to destroy Wales put Wales back in lockdown after Rishi Sunak gave Wales an extra £350 million this year. How to blow £350 million is a simple thing to Labour. If you put the whole country in lockdown, then it’s all spent plus more besides.

Liverpool and Manchester.

Liverpool Labour are claiming that Liverpool is being destroyed by the government and was destroyed by Maggie Thatcher. Actually Liverpool was destroyed by Aston Villa,

Then there is Manchester. While this ding dong between Burnham and Johnson has been going on, cases in Manschester have dropped by 15%. But let’s not worry about that awkward fact the new religion of Covid would want to dispute. Andy Burnham throughout this what has he said?

Lock the nation down, but don’t lock Manchester down, actually do lock Manchester down if you give us some money, but I won’t lock Manchester down just because you give us some money.’

Andy Burnham paraphrased

All Labour are interested in is spending other people’s money and leaving other people to use their money to deal with the mess.

Ellesmere Logic

Locally Ipswich Politburio General Secretary, David Ellesmere has said that it is inevitable that Suffolk ends up in Tier Three. The whole thing is the ramblings of somebody who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but anyway, first Captain Mainwaring comes out with this,

“The government has not done enough to slow the spread of the second wave. It will have to impose further restrictions which will be harsher and will cause more damage to the economy than if it had been tougher now.”

Oh really? So what would you have done Llama Looks?

Well let’s see what he says next.

So, if we move into the “high” tier, we will most likely eventually end up in the “very high” tier – with measures the chief medical officer admits aren’t enough to bring the rate down.

This may take weeks or, if we are lucky, months but there is an inexorable inevitability about it.

David, look mate, this is squit and everybody reading it knows it is. We’re all Medium, upper medium or high. So a very high tier would be extra high. I’m sure your comrades in Sage would like to produce such a category but it doesn’t presently exist yet

Then he supports Sir Kier Starmers proposal for a Hospitality Industry Circuit Breaker Breaker Lockdown for the entire country.

Then guess what The Labour leader of Ipswich Borough Council does after this in the article. He asks for lots of of other people’s money.

It must be accompanied by a comprehensive financial package to support businesses and individuals and, if timed to coincide with the school holidays, would minimise the disruption to children’s education.

So being a socialist David Ellesmere wants to spend other people’s money.

The Morning Ipswich Star posted Captain Mainwrings musings on Facebook and some of the comments are very interesting.

He doesn’t speak for Suffolk. It’s a County Council issue not Ipswich Borough council.

Yeah but emptying bins is the be all and end all. Well it is to him!

That man is a bloody idiot! How the hell he’s the head of the council is beyond me.

Well it’s quite simple. He’s the best Ipswich Labour had so they voted for him to lead their group and then a load  of  people in Ipswich voted Labour. But we look forward to the carnage inflicted on Ipswich Labour at the next council elections.

Then there was this,

The cases aren’t representative of Ipswich for the rest of Suffolk Mr Ellesmere.

No they aren’t and as his lousy Ipswich Labour Party posted leaflets slagging off the rest of Suffolk in council elections, saying Suffolk County Councillors don’t understand Ipswich in villages the majority of Ipswich people come from (some of us have managed to get back home), he can’t spaek for Suffolk now. 

Someone replied to this comment 

Total crap, isn’t he!

Unfortunately yes.

Then there was this,

Don’t need pratts like him. Scaremongering Twat


Why do they support the destruction of swathes of the private sector by another lockdown? It’s all for ideological reasons they support the hardship of many. Sir Kier Starmer, the Red Knight wants the economy totally wrecked so he can offer to come on his white charger and save us all in our distress.

This far through this national crisis, Labour are still being self serving, callous bastards.

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