The Ælfgeir Chronicle


In this year we continued on our journey out of exile escaping from the influence of that city built on an island in the river in the marsh, that is Babylon. The power of the May goddess had waned and a new prince, the blond bombshell, Big Al was leading us forward.

During this time, there was enemies amongst our tents who ploted against Big Al on behalf of that city built on an island in the river in the marsh, that is Babylon. But the more they plotted, the stronger he became.

Also in this year the world came under the dark influence of the Doom Goblin of Svea Rike. This Doom Goblin uttered frightening prophesies of doom and many who listened were captivated by her climatical incantations based on patterns mathematical. Many a bergermiester was captured by the goblin’s craft as she sold her fruits by twilight. Morning and evening she made her cries. Those who brought her wares entered an absent dream, sick in part and angry at those who would not buy.

Late in this year, our prince Big Al went to the people and the people rallied behind him. Hengest and Horsa spoke as one and like the wild stalions, the Sons and Daughters of Albion arose and the people of this blessed plot gave Prince Big Al a great victory. Our enemies were crushed.


In this year a great pestilence came upon the land that had travelled along the Great Silk Road and people didn’t want to believe that from thence it come. There was a belief that this evil visitation had come about due to the nation’s sin for the people were now free from the city built on an island in the river in the marsh, that is Babylon and had rejected the false messiah who was known as the Great Bearded One and the Magic Abuelo whose sorcery had decieved the people who believed the pestilence to be judgement. There was a belief that the pestilence was due to witchcraft and witch hunting was rampant. This belief in something unearthly being involved was so strong that people started standing outside their homes clapping and banging cooking utensils to scare the evil forces away.

The bergermiesters of this Sceptred Isle had the thanes confined to their lodgings and while confiined to their lodgings the good people of this land were subject to nightmares by the forces of Morgan, Pestilence and Kuensberk. Then the good bergermiesters of the land started to give the people back their freedom. Yet some objected to being given back their freedom and called for the burning of witches to halt the ravaging plague which at this point was receding.

During this time, the forces of darkness replaced the Magic Abuelo with the Red Knight of Legis whose name means the Dusky One. He was also known as the Red Knight . The Red Knight assembled his troops but was attacked by those loyal to the Magic Abuelo. Our enemies fighting each other heartend us during these dark times.

As Spring gave way to Autumn the bergermiesters had been bewitched by prophesies of doom through incantations based on patterns mathematical as last year. But these incantations were not uttered by the Doom Goblin of Svea Rike. These utterings first came from a dark lord whose name meant Champion Son of the Angry, Wrathful one. With his incantations based on patterns mathematical, the son of the Wrathful one captured the sages of Insulsum and Effusus and with these paterns mathematical, Insulsum and Effusus captured the good prince Big Al and others. This lead to much tribulation across the land.

An unjust decree was announced to have the people muzzled and families were unable to meet and the people were being broken for as the good poet said, there is no friend like a sister, in calm or stormy weather to strengthen whilst one stands.

Insulsum and Effusus who by now were sages of darkness, had brought in a faith alien to the good people of Albion. This new religion was very strict and it’s adherents paid homage to Baal and were willing to do the most terrible things to those who refused to take the knee. The dark sages Insulsum and Effusus were recognised as high priests of this most damnable religion.

During this time, Svea Rike was the only land that had not paid homage to Baal and we looked upon Svea Rike.with hope as that ancient and free land stood out amongst the nations as a beacon of hope and liberty. In the summer of our discontent, like the sun, liberty shone in Svea Rike through the night and the northern lights danced with freedom.

There was one incantation based on patterns mathematical Insulsum and Effusus did that did not decieve all and after so many of their prophesies not coming to pass, more scepticism arose against the cult of Baal. Though many Baal worshipers insisted that it was the fault of those holding fast to true faith and reason calling them Troublers of Albion..

They proclaimed that Baal was not pleased and sacrifices had to be made. To satisfy Baal’s anger, our noble prince under the orders of the Priests of Baal Insulsum and Effusus who had bewitched him, set out to lay to waste certain cities of Albion. Once glorious citidels and minster bells of Albion were to be reduced to rubble and silence at their cammand and their followers blamed those who would not serve Baal for the destruction they did.

Then, worse came. Our mighty dragon was captured and forces loyal to the Red Knight brought much hardship on the Principality of Gwalia. Manuscripts, domestic contraptions and tokens of good will were not allowed to be bought or sold in market places there. At this time the Red Knight’s second in command promised to do the same to the rest of this blessed plot if given the chance.

Due to what had happened to Principality of Gwalia, in the Kingdom of Alba the Lassie Krankie decided to break with the orthodoxy of the damnable religion and instead of this sceptred isle having three types of place, in the Kingdom of Alba she was going to have five.

In Gwalia, Alba, Erin and throughout Albion those who would not bow to Baal longed for deliverance praying, Dominus Libera nos a furore hoc socialas imperium. At this time

As if the good people of Albion weren’t suffering enough, the fall of this year saw the return of the Doom Goblin of Svea Rike. The doom goblin produced a picture to enchant the people once more to sell her fruits. But now for some who feasted before, what she offered was wormwood to the tongue. Her spells had been broken. Though a few still held to her strange ways.

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