The London Protests

it’s now 250 days since “three weeks to flatten the curve.”

Call for the end of western democratic values, politicians, sportsmen and the police queue up to take the knee. Protest against your personal liberty being removed and you’ll get the knee.

When we were a free country the police were the people and the people were the police. Not anymore in London at least. The police are now an arm of the authoritarian state. They claim to have arrested 155 pro freedom and democracy protestors in London Yesterday.

It was a peaceful protest but the riot police whom are now the paramilitary wing of this hard left, Sage controlled government weren’t having any of it.

As you can see, it was very peaceful.

Protestors were in tears at the destruction of liberty by this repulsive, authoriatarian government. Never have I loathed a government as much as I loath this one. The freedom we had made us the envy of the world and those Commie bastards have taken it away from us.

Arrested Protestor Weeps at the loss of liberty
Santa Arrested

It is clear that we are no longer a free society. This Lockdown Model which was not peer reviewed designed by Niel Ferguson whose girlfriend campaigned against the Conservatives at the last election publicly resigned from Sage after being cought breaking Lockdown to see his lefty girlfriend. But according to the government website the lunatic is still a member of Sage. Obviously he’s carried on doing the only thing he’s good at. That is, twisting data to create outragous predictions full of death to pass on to Shitty and Malice for them to use to bully and browbeat Boris into following policies to achieve their aims. Thier aims are the destruction that they as socialists hate. That is this, country and capitalism.

Interestingly they have kept gastropubs open but stopped ale houses doing business. Why would they do this? Could it be nanny state health care? You see, alcohol can be bad for people’s health, so maybe that’s why they’ve stopped people going to the pub just for a couple of pints. The fact that people can get the same thing in the supermarket for a third of the price and drink even more and damage their health quicker, is beyoind their thinking. So they’ve allowed gastropubs to be open because they use them. That tells us something about them. But they’ve closed ale houses where social distancing and the like is maintained but have allowed massage parlours to open so people can have a young girl’s hands all over them. That tells us something about the likes of Shitty and Malice too.

This video is somewhat amusing

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