The Ipswich Junk Yard Market

Here the Morning Ipswich Star tells us that the Junkyard Market organiser says the Facebook video was not a ‘true reflection’ of event which one person attendin discribed as an over priced piss up in a car park.

The Ipswich Junk Yard Market

But people who were there are saying different. One person said

Hes lying, my girlfriend was there, she left sharpish, no covid restrictions ppl falling over drunk and mixing.. complete lie by the organisers


He’s lying. The video reflected exactly out personal experience when we were there. It was an all round awful customer experience anyway.

Ipswich Conservative Group leader, Ian Fisher, challenged Ipswich Borough Council as to how they could licence this event whilst telling pubs to not serve alcohol. The lame and incorrect excuse that lousy Labour council gave was that they had no choice.

They could easily have insisted on more security which would have resulted in the scenes we all witnessed not happening.

As somoene said,

Considering you only had two security on that night surely thats a safety issue within itself

People vomiting and dancing on tables. Everyone was allotted a 2 1/2 hour slot so just got multiple tickets and were allowed to stay all day. A kick in the teeth for the pubs spending/losing money to do things right. But then, Ipswich Labour have always had a policy of economic decline , so kicking the night time economy in the teeth would be OK to them. For Labour’s main objective is alwaya to turn a place into a rundown, ruinous mess to make people more inclined to vote Labour, so they can keep it that way.

The event should not have gone ahead. In these stressful times, if someone sees an oppertunity to let their hair down and have a good time, then they will.

This whole thing is becoming bloody ridiculous.

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