Yes Fish are Important

Barmy Bolshevik Blogger Andrew Coates, being a Francophile is very angry about the prospect of the French not being able to steal our fish anymore. It’s as if he won’t be able to eat his bouillabaisse whilst listening to the Marseillaisse anymore because of it. He likes his lobster bisque too, he can keep it. It tastes horrendous. He’s written a blog post here which is very interesting. He mentions that EU chefs mocked Boris Johnson by dishing up a double helping of seafood at his crunch Brexit negotiation dinner in Brussels. That just demostrates how childish the EU gangsters are.

Then he quotes this,

With fishing quotas one of the biggest areas of dispute in the UK-EU trade talks, the Prime Minister and his team were served scallops and turbot at the head-to-head hosted by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. The shellfish starter, accompanied by pumpkin soup, in particular risked being seen as a coded jibe given the so-called Great Scallop War clashes between British and French fishing crews in the English Channel in 2012.

Then he quotes from the Daily Mail,

Four Royal Navy vessels will be dispatched to Britain’s territorial waters if a trade deal is not agreed with the EU.

Armed with cannon and machine guns, they will patrol the English Channel and Irish Sea to stop illegal fishing.

In a dramatic ratcheting-up of No Deal contingency planning, Wildcat and Merlin helicopters are also being placed on standby to help with coastal surveillance.

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday warned a No Deal Brexit was now ‘very, very likely’
  • Royal Navy gunboats armed with machine guns could be deployed to patrol English Channel and Irish Sea
  • Wildcat and Merlin helicopters are also being placed on standby standby to help with coastal surveillance

This all sounds excellent. If French fishermen want to fish in our waters illegally then under International Law the Royal Navy has a right to arrest the criminals and impound their boats.

It worked well for French fishermen when the EU gave themn quotas to fish in our waters while stopping British fishermen fishing in them, destroying the industry, putting 300 year old family businesses under and causing deprivation in formaly prosperous fishing communities. Now French fishermen fear for their survival. Retour à vous!

Then Coatsy comes out with the most surreal thing he has come out with in years,

They say that under a radical People’s Brexit, or Lexit,  the water in the North Sea, Irish Sea, and the English Channel would have turned to lemonade, sprats would have grown to the size of whales, and Scallop fisheries, under workers’ control and Popular Sovereignty, free of neo-liberalism, would have flourished.

The River Orwell would be bordered by kilometres of Oyster beds, run by Ipswich based self-managed cooperatives.


Then Comrade Coates posts from an article that quotes, Ipswich Borough Councillor for Labour, Bryony Rudkin. It’s a shame that Brexit Paty now called Reform Party activist James Spencer still isn’t blogging. Her statements would have him write a classic.

Brexit: A tired Britain prepares for a new era

Deutsche Welle.

We’re getting tired of this Staylinist nonsense. But we are most excited about being free from any control from the EU, imperielist gangsters.

Bryony Rudkin, a deputy leader at a local council in Ipswich on the eastern coast of England, paints a daunting picture. Rudkin lives near Felixstowe, which is the UK’s largest container port. Port authorities are currently dealing with a logistical nightmare with ships unable to unload the large amount of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that was ordered. Containers full of PPE now pile up in the docks of Ipswich.

This has nothing to do with Brexit. It is due to Felixstowe not having a large enough containers park. The container park between Trimley and Kirton has not built because along with it in between was proposed a few thousand houses and naturally the public objected to it. They’re also stacked up in Melton. But being Labour, Bryony won;t let the truth get in the way of a good story.

“What people are saying is that it’s not going to get any better with Brexit, and effectively we are going to be like Kent – a lorry park. What you think about Brexit depends on where you are in the UK. It’s kind of in your face, quite physical with these containers which tells us that it’s not going to be very organized,” says Rudkin.

She does realise that we’re keeping them here because there’s no point in sending them back empty doesn’t she? What does she know about international trade anyway?

Bryony Rudkin continues to pontificate,

Rudkin says she’s aware that some people’s views have changed, which is also evident from the results of 87 combined polls compiled by the project“What UK Thinks.” Polls show that people would have voted for the UK to remain in the EU. However, those DW spoke to haven’t changed their minds.

I am aware that people have changed their views too. At the beginning of the year, we wanted a trade deal but as the EU have no intention of offering us one, now we want No Deal. Nobody has changed thioer mind in regard to Brexit. Remainers like Bryony and Coatesy are like Lib Dems. They tend to have fairies in their brains.

Speaking of Lib Dems, County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge, Caroline Page said this on Twitter,

Caroline Page

Why the hell would anyone want to travel from country to country when there’s a virus going about?

Obviously they wouldn’t blame President Macron would they? Boris offered a deal where we would give quotas to individual EU countries as Norway does, and all the leader agreed apart from one. Macron in his arrogant stupidity turned down the deal and has damaged the French fishinmg industry in the process. But according to the Staylinists, it’s all Boris’ fault.

Great Yarmouth 71.5% Leave, East Lindsey 70.7% Leave, Waveney 62.9% Leave, Hartlepool 69.2% Leave. What have those areas got in common? They had a fishing industry that the EU destroyed.

They’re sending in super trawlers hoovering up our fish, killing dolphins and damaging our marine environment in preparation of a no deal. Also, after over 40 years of them pillaging our waters, stealing our fish and selling them back to us, we’re supposed to feel sorry for them. We offered them a good deal but as Macron is doing so badly in the polls, he thought he’d improve his rating by rejecting the deal and slagging off ‘le fuckoffs’ to improve his rating. What did the EU say to our fishermen they put out of work? They said “Retrain and find another job.” After hardworking people have been treated with such contempt, theirs communities that feel strongly about this issue to the poiunt where compromise is not an option.

Brian Riley puts the current situation very well here.,

One of the responses to my letter to the EADT and my posting here (Ils Sont Nos Poissons) tried to wave away the fish argument in the Brexit negotiations saying that the number of employed in the industry was less than those employed by the Arcadia (Top Shop etc) Group of companies.
It’s not just the fish. Admittedly, there are larger parts of our economy under threat, but the fish are merely the outward sign of a much more important issue.
No country can claim that it is “sovereign” if it doesn’t control its coastal waters.
We were in this situation in the ninth century when King Arthur was beset by the Danes. Again in 1066 when we were invaded by the Norwegian armies of Harald Hardrada and Tostig. Later in 1066 we lost control of our waters for the last time for over a thousand years when William of Normandy landed. And, we all know how that ended.
We have been paying the equivalent of Danegeld to Brussels for far too long and it’s time we took back control not only of our waters but our institutions and our economy.
That’s why the fish matter!

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