Sage Government Proposes Changes to Spare Room Subsidy.

Here the Daily Telegraph informs us that the unelected dictatorship that is now running our country want changes to the spare room subsidy. They have made the claim that is could could worsen the spread of the Chinese Virus in households and should be immediately reviewed.

So this Marxist Sage government that nobody voted for wants to destroy businesses, dictate to us what we are allowed to do and increase the benefit bill. Where the tax revenue to pay for an increased benefits bill would come from after destroying the largest contributor of tax trevenue, viz small bussinesses is not important. You see, an increase in national debt would help destroy capitalism and our way of life in accordance to the wishes of the inventors of the junk science of lockdown namely, the Chinese Communist Party.

Concerning Sage’s proposal, the best Prime Minster this country never had apart from William Wilberforce, Sir Iain Duncan Smith said:

“They don’t have any idea what they are talking about.”

“They are entering a political debate but they haven’t got their facts straight. They should stick to what they do badly.”

Sir Iain Duncan Smith

Undoubtedly, Patrick Vallance is the worst Prime Minister this country ever had. I’m surprised that this lousy Sage Government haven’t claimed that WTO rules would increase infection. Maybe they haven’t been told what to do by Winne the Pooh. But there has been a statement for the CCP’s goon in the EU on Twitter.

This lead to a little spat,

The Chinese Communist Party want tpo make the whole world like China and the likes of Witless and Unbalanced are happy to oblige.

Of course, they have support from Bejing Biden now.

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