Stupid things the EU has said this week

Earlier this week, the former German defence minister who had German troops on a Nato exercise in Norway with planks of wood rather than guns, who is now president of the EUSSR, Ursala von der Leyen said this,

This is stupid because the first Europeans have already been vaccinated. But the EUSSR is so inwrd looking, they haven’t noticed. 100,000 British people have been vacinated starting with a bloke called William Shakespeare because to Global Britian all the world’s a stage.

Doesn’t Ursala von der Leyen think we are European anymore?

Also this week Guy Vorhoffstwat tweeted this,

This is stupid because we haven’t left the European family. Global Britian has 58 trade deals around the world including 8 with European countries. In Europe we have trade deals with Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Norway, Kosovo, Montenegro North Macedonia, Georgia, Ukariane and Liechtenstein. We haven’t got a trade deal with theNew Holy Roamn Empire because trade isn’t what their federalist project is about. The EUSSR is more interested in empire building than it is trade agreements.

There was also this from Barnier,

So we agree on everything apart from fishing because the EU empirer wants control of our waters. Therefore, as far as they are concerned, we have agreed on nothing and the fact that it would hurt businesses on the continent more than it would here, is a price worth paying for their obstinacy. Very stupid indeed.

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1 Response to Stupid things the EU has said this week

  1. Jim P says:

    As usual the EU misled the UK back in March. We wanted a separate fishing deal to trade. They said Non, and wanted 1 treaty to cover the lot. David Frost was hoodwinked and fell into the same trap Ollie Robbins and Theresa May did, hence the blackmail ever since.

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