Why is Neil Ferguson still advising the government

Our country has been plunged into a catastrophic new set of restrictions on the basis of projections from Neil Ferguson’s New and Emerging Virus Threats Advisory Group with which Matt Hancock has been terrifying the country. It’s not surprising people are scared, but the facts simply don’t stack up. As a result, we’ve been cut off from international travel, millions have been told it’s now criminal to see their loved ones for Christmas, and many will lose their jobs and hopes of a better future. The new panic measures will cause untold suffering and inflict lasting damage across the UK. 

Why is Neil Ferguson still advising the Government? His vastly inflated projections were central to billions being wasted on useless vaccines after the H1N1 virus emerged. He forecast up to 200 million deaths from Bird Flu. There were less than 300. He predicted that 50,000 people would die from BSE. The figure was 177. His ‘severely flawed’ modelling over foot and mouth disease in 2001 led to the slaughter of over 6 million healthy animals. The public was told he had resigned as Government advisor after he was caught flouting the lockdown rules he himself wanted imposed. Yet it turns out despite all this, he has continued to advise the Government. His team is responsible for these new and damaging scare stories. 

Meanwhile, other experts say that the evidence simply isn’t there.  Do you believe that the Government should have carried out assessments to check whether the damage done by the latest measures is worse than Covid-19? Have you seen the latest official figures for excess deaths in the UK, which show clearly that most excess deaths are in the home from non-Covid causes? 

We can see in Wales and around the UK that even the toughest restrictions appear to have little impact on the spread of Covid-19, as many experts predicted. What is the point of continuing hugely damaging restrictions that simply don’t work?

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