Big Mouthed Politicians

It is now established that Matt Hancock is a prat of the highest order. Matt Hancock can’t keep his mouth shut due to the fact that he likes the sound of his own voice. Being a prat of the highest order, Matt Hancock decided to talk about the new varient of Covid-19.

He stated what that troubler of our country with outlandish predictions, Neil Ferguson said. He forecast up to 200 million deaths from Bird Flu. There were less than 300. He predicted that 50,000 people would die from BSE. The figure was 177. His ‘severely flawed’ modelling over foot and mouth disease in 2001 led to the slaughter of over 6 million healthy animals. He also predicted half a million deaths by Covid-19. It is quite clear that the computer modelling progtam he uses was created by the Diane Abbot School of Mathematics. But that didn’t stop the idiot Matt Hancock stating Ferguson’s prediction. So President Macron reacted by closing the border between France and the UK.

So Macron closed a French border and so nothing could enter France through it. If he was French president in 1940, history could have been so different. The reason for Macron’s action had nothing to do with the virus. If you want to know what it was really about, look at his poll rating.

Here Ambrose Evans-Pritchard  wrote in the Telegraph,

Emmanuel Macron’s ban on lorries entering France wins the prize for the most pointless political gesture since the onset of this pandemic. The mutant strain B.1.1.7 is already all over Europe.

British scientists spotted it early and have tracked it in real-time because the UK has carried out almost as much genome sequencing of COVID-19 as the rest of the world combined. Harvard epidemiologist William Hanage says the UK has the most advanced genomic monitoring regime on the planet.

Denmark is one of the few other states in Europe that also does extensive and rapid sequencing. Lo and behold, the Danes have found the same mutation. Many countries do little or no genomic sequencing at all. 

It stretches credulity to imagine that a variant picked up in samples as far back as September is not already rampant in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and indeed France. It had months to run when borders were wide open, long before the second lockdowns. 

What followed was that other countries decided to do the same. Just like in March when every country followed each other like sheep into pointless lockdowns, other countries followed each other like sheep stopping anyone entering from the UK. Is there any free thinkers who would look into the issue before acting out there?

Interestingly the EU agreed with the measure. Why would that be? Well  Guy Maurice Marie Louise Vorhoffstadt (what were his parents thinking of) let the cat out of the bag.

Guy Maurice Marie Louise. Parents can be cruel when naming their kids but that is serious child abuse. No wonder he’s a mess. This Belgian national who got thumped in a General Election in Belgium before heading off to the EU with all the other failures is Leader of the Liberals and Democrats (who are illiberal and don’t believe in democracy) in the EU. He is one of the EU’s “let’s punish the Brit’s brigade” for wanting to leave the United States of Europe. At some point idiots like him are going to have to accept that the UK is an independent nation once again, and trade-wise they need us more than we need them.

The whole plan was to make us thing a no deal Brexit was bad but like Matt Hancock, ‘Marie Louise’ couldn’t keep his ugly mouth shut.

Egotistical politicians say things they regret all the time. For instance, in May, that Krankie woman tweeted this,

This was a bit before she attended a funeral wake unmasked.

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