Trade Deal Done

What a fantastic Christmas present! We have a trade deal with the EUSSR.

The EU wanted 8 years of stealling our fish and we wanted 3 years transition. The deal is for 5 years, so we’ll call it a draw however people want to spin it.

Presently France has a right to 80% of fish in the English Channel. On January the first they will have a right to 50%. Looks like the French lost however Macron tries to spin it.

Reactions have been interesting so far.

Keir Starmer claims that Labour would have got a better deal. This is true. He would have got a better deal for the EU, not for Britain. Also he would have negotiated with one hand behind his back by having no deal off the table.

Then there is Nigel Farage who doesn’t seem to be able to make his mind up. First he said it was a bad deal and then he said “This has been 30 years of my life, I gave up everything to do this” What? He’s made a shed load of money and lost 7 parliamentary elections. He was not part of the official Vote Leave campaign and after the polls had closed, due to knowing nothing about the leave campaign, conceded, saying that Leave had lost. The Vote Leave canvas data which he knew nothing about, told a different story. All he did during the campaign was go up the Thames on a fishing boat. I was furious when a Kipper got more votes than me in a council election, but imagine losing to a bloke dressed as a dolphin? The trade deal has been made and Farage had nothing to do with it.

Now he’s saying it’s his doing? The arrogance of the man!

What will be his next move? Well that will depend on how the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation plays it. Naturally, they are likely to claim the EUSSR won but Lady HAW Haw’s take on it should be interesting.

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