More Good News on Post Covid Syndrome (Long Covid)

As I mentioned here, participants on a trial report huge improvements in numerous symptoms & better, overall health within weeks. The Post Covid Syndrome Support Group set up by Saxmundham resident Louise Barnes organised into groups to voluntarily trial the potential cure

There is a report about it in Wigan Today here.

It says,

A number of volunteers have been trying out at a vitamin stack developed by a team in South Africa.

She says the results of the initial tests here have been positive enough that she is now lobbying MPs to support a more widespread and scientifically-rigorous trial of the treatment.

The research has shown that with a blood test the markers for the Longtail phenomonon can be found and the stack has been developed accordingly.

Louise Says,

“We feel the first results show there has been enough impact for this to require further investigation as a potential treatment.

“There is a debate next week in the House of Commons on long haul Covid and we are hoping several MPs will present this.

“We’re asking politicians to fund or part-fund a fully randomised, clinical trial of this.

“The first 25 volunteers in our group are reporting very positive improvements. These people were all basically bedridden so this could be life-changing. We want the Government to take a closer look at this.”

If you have long covid symptoms and are interested in taking part in further trials, email me at

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