Layla’s Pro EU Front

Here I mentiened Laala Morons involvement in  March for Change and having it run the APPG.

This is an interesting weblink, Here. Now apart from David Davis, what are their views on that most beautiful thing called Brexit?

But if we dig around a bit deeper on that website, what do we find here, is very interesting indeed.

Our mission is to defend the UK’s NHS, environmental and agri-food standards as well as citizens rights and freedoms in the upcoming US trade negotiation, and advocate for the closest possible relationship with our friends and allies in Europe.

We will stand up for the independence of our media and judiciary, as well as our British and European values. 


Laala is a good Lib Dem. She is following the Lib Dem Campaign handbook. She is being wicked and shameful and can exagerate on the impact of Brexit. The way out of this is vaxination. How is Brexit impacting that?

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