Together for Uyghurs

This evening was a CSW (Christian Solidarity Worldwide) event on Zoom called Together for Uyghurs which I attended.

The first speaker was member of the Uyghur community, Ziba Murat. She spoke about the plight of her mother. In 2016, Ziba Murat’s mother had her passport confiscated by the Chinese authorities. Ziba has not been able to have any comunication with her mother since. Her mother was punicshed because her sister (Ziba’s auntie) spoke against the concentration camps education camps that Uyghur’s are being sent to. Ziba Murat said that then Chinese government lies and the international community laps it up.

The next speaker was Rabbi Jonathon Wittenberg who told Ziba Murat she and the Uyghur community are not alone. The oppressor is powerful who believe that truth is not important but the truth shall prevail.

After this, the next speaker was, Representative of ther Dalai Lama in the UK, Sonam T Frasi. He said that the Chinese Communist party is committing genocide against all people of faith. Tibet has been under Chinese occupation since 1949. The Chinese government has been trying to destroy Tibetan culture for 70 years. The Chinese government have spent 70 years trying to destroy Budhism in Tibet. They attack monastries and treated Tibetans like they treat any religous group. They kill Tibet’s religous leaders and transfer Tibetans to other parts of China to prevent a traditional Tibetan upbringing. After 70 years of oppressing Tibetans and trying to destroy Tibetan culture, the Chinses Communist Party has failed to do so. He also spoke about social engineering under Chinses occupation.

The next speaker was Andrew Copson of Humanist UK, who said that governments are charged to defend the freedom of people.

The next speaker was Lord Rowen Williams, who said that God is active and the giver of gifts. He then said that it is a matter of pleading with then oppressor as well as for the oppressed. He also said that genocide wipes out history and wipes out historic truth we all share. He said that power and abuse can not destroy truth and that thousands of years of Chinese history is against the present oppression.

After this CSW’s Kiri Kankhwende lead a question and answer session.

One question was “What can ordinary people do?”

We can write to the Chinese ambassador of the UK.

Any government should be holding China to account. Forced labour must stop and products produced by slave labour should not leave China. Benedict Rogers said that we should use sanctions against key figures in the Chinese Communist Party. Andrew Copson said that the Chinese regime uses its power to silence other governments and some countries feel powerless not to be complicit.

After this, Sonam T Frasi said that China is not powerful due to immorality. They spend a lot more on internal security than on national defence. The international community needs to keep speaking up for the oppresed. Lord Rowen Williams agreed with this saying that a society that denies the truth is not a strong society but a weak society.

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