The Sniffer

A number of things of interest have happened since Mr Sniffer has entered the Whitehouse. First of all Jimmy Carter is very happy at there being someone in the Whitehouse who is more crap than him.

The Sniffer, by being so awful, has also managed to show the world how good Donald Trump was.

Another thing Mr Sniffer has managed to do is demonstrate why Donald Trump got elected.

The Sniffer was saying one thing during the camnopaign and is now saying something completely different and doing the oppisite. We must remember that one of the things they hated about The Donald, is he did what he said he would do.

The sniffing creep is a Two-faced Liar

So the sleepy, creepy child sniffer lied to get elected. But Mr Sniffer, the Dems and their supporters see no problem withn this.

We all know how much the sniffer hates the UK, hates Brexit and how he loves the EU. The Sniffer wants us to rejoin the EU. The Sniffer alsdo says that he would not favour trade deals with other countries but would favour domestic investment. So the Democrats are no longer Internationalists. The Sniffer has said that he wants to see investing in ‘America first’ America first? When Donald Trump said that they said it was a bad idea and racist but when Mr Sniffer says it, it’s a good idea. What a bunch of duplicitous, selfserving liars the Democrats are. Also he says that if he was a member of the UK parliament he would have voted against that most beautiful thing called Brexit. Does the old bugger know how referenda work?

The Sniffer also has been talking to Macron about the US commitment to NATO. Does he know that France is independent of NATO’s command structures. Is he aware which country I Europe has kept to the North Atlantic Treaty and funded NATO as they should do?

The Sniffer is also a hate filled pervert.

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